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Thank you!

Thank you to all of you that came to The Sound is Watching You on October 1st. We were thrilled to see so many of you enjoying our work and we were very flattered by all of your kind words and comments. It was an awesome night and we were happy that you were all a part of it!

We'd particularly like to thank everybody at the AWOL Gallery for all their support, Max for technical advice, George for artwork, Jamie for transport, Ankixa for buttons, Patricia for fabric advice, everybody who helped out financially by donating or buying merchandise and all who helped us spread the word to promote the show.

We're taking a break for the next little while to plan our next event, but don't worry, we'll be back soon. You can keep updated with what we're doing in the future by adding us on Twitter (@subzeroarts) or by liking us on Facebook. And in the meantime feel free to check out our musical projects Kalte, Akumu and mara's torment. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Deane and Rik
— SubZeroArts, October 2011

About Our Project

"The Sound is Watching You" is a sound/art installation designed exclusively for Scotiabank's Nuit Blanche 2011 taking place from sunset to sunrise on Saturday, October 1st 2011 at AWOL Gallery in Toronto, Ontario.

Developed and constructed by SubZeroArts, "The Sound is Watching You" is a unique experience in light and sound that feeds on the movements of the audience. As you enter, your motion is transformed using echolocation technology and generative computer graphics into a blend of light, video and 3D audio art. Constantly re-generating and morphing, you will become an instrument of light and sound that will create an evolving art piece.

We are committed to making "The Sound is Watching You" the best possible artistic experience that we can, but we need your help! As an independent project, SubZeroArts is responsible for all of the funding for our exhibition, so we're looking to you to help cover some of our costs. You can help make "The Sound is Watching You" come to life by making a donation to the project or by purchasing some of our merchandise. All money raised will go directly towards the costs of projection and sound equipment, and you'll have our heart-felt undying gratitude, which will be eternally etched on the SubZeroArts thank you page forever!

We hope you'll be able to join us at Nuit Blanche on October 1st and experience "The Sound is Watching You". We also hope that you'll introduce yourself so we can thank you in person for helping us make it happen!

With our thanks,
— Deane and Rik of SubZeroArts, August 2011


More news coming soon!