Every donation goes towards the purchase of projection and sound equipment so we can make "The Sound is Watching You" the best possible interactive art experience for you to enjoy. We're also offering exclusive merchandise for sale — from Limited Edition SubZeroArts T-Shirts and mugs to exclusive recordings from our music project "Kalte" (, we hope you'll find something that appeals. You'll earn our eternal gratitude and we'll let the world know how awesome you are by posting your name on our Thank You Page.

All prices include shipping and will be shipped (or downloadable) on October 1st 2011 to coincide with Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2011. Timing for exclusive recordings and scheduling for living room concerts will be arranged after October 1st. Some items have limited availability. Please note that Kalte retains the copyright on all recordings and donations are not tax deductible. if you need more information.

— Deane and Rik of SubZeroArts

Make a Donation:

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Make a donation towards our art project for as much or as little as you choose.
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SubZeroArts Merchandise:

Item # Picture Description Amount
S1 SubZeroArts T-Shirt SubZeroArts T-Shirt
Let the world know you support SubZeroArts with our Limited Edition SubZeroArts T-Shirt (available in men's and women's sizes, please specify with your order)!
S2 SubZeroArts Mug SubZeroArts Coffee Mug
Show your love for both SubZeroArts AND coffee with the SubZeroArts Coffee Mug!

Kalte Merchandise (Deane and Rik's Music Project):

Item # Picture Description Amount
K4 Kalte - T-shirt Kalte T-Shirt
Make an artistic fashion statement! The Kalte T-Shirt is available in men's and women's sizes (please specify with your order)
K10 Kalte - Exclusive Recording Exclusive Kalte Recording Just for You!
Already have the entire Kalte catalog? Why not get an exclusive 45-minute recording by Kalte made just for you?

Limit of 10. Some conditions apply.
for details.
K20 Kalte - In Your Livingroom Kalte Plays in your Living Room!
Looking for the EXTREME option? Kalte will travel anywhere within three hours driving distance of Toronto, Ontario and will play a 45 minute living room concert in your home for you and your friends! In addition to this once in a lifetime opportunity, you'll also receive a recording of the concert and a Kalte T-Shirt!

Limit of 4. Some conditions apply.
for details.