SubZeroArts is a group of visualists, sound artists, technologists, fabricators and software engineers working in contemporary art and science. Our goal is to use technology to create new and exciting installations that allow visitors to interact with and become “part of the art”.

Founded in 2009 by Deane Hughes and Rik Maclean, we have individually and collectively presented a number of unique performances, including a large-format multimedia piece at Montreal’s Mutek Electronic Festival and an all-headphone concert series at Gallery 1313 in Toronto. In addition, we have also worked on The Heart Machine Installation at Burning Man 2010, scored work for the Ballet Deviare dance group in New York City, and performed live at the Ambient Ping and Akin Collective experimental sound events in Toronto.

For more information about SubZeroArts or to discuss a future installation project, contact us anytime.