TRANSMISSIONS at Nuit Blanche Toronto – Sept 30, 2017 – Dawn to Dusk

Join us Saturday, September 30, 2017 at 401 Richmond as part of Nuit Blanche Toronto 2017

SubZeroArts is very pleased to announce that our latest multi-point sound/art installation Transmissions will be presented at 401 Richmond as part of Nuit Blanche Toronto on Saturday, September 30th!

Transmissions creates an aural environment defined by white noise as broadcast by 16 mounted antennae-like metal spires positioned within a contained location.

The sounds of cosmic radiation, sun spots, encryption anomalies, and more are all interwoven by the spires to create a unique environment defined by audio frequency radio waves such as tweaks, crackles, and swishes, bringing previously unheard sounds to the forefront of consciousness, inviting participants to acknowledge and experience their aesthetic nature without subconscious filters. Through the creation of this new environment within a previously existing location, participants will be encouraged to recognize the reality of the myriad spaces around them, and the many possible futures that those spaces offer.

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