A lot of you have been asking us about about our new installation “Pillars of Light”, and we’re thrilled by all of your support! Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing a whole bunch of stuff with you about getting everything ready, from preliminary sketches on napkins (because every installation begins with a sketch on a napkin…) through to behind the scenes shots of the two of us covered in rubber cement, right up to event day. We hope you’ll keep checking back here at subzeroarts.com so you can enjoy the journey to Ottawa with us!nbog2013-webgraphic

Those of you who prefer to get your information on the go may be interested to know that we’ve created a Facebook event for “Pillars of Light”, so if you RSVP we’ll know to look for you on the night of the event and we can say hi!

While we’re talking about Facebook, have you Liked us there yet? You should!