With every installation that SubZeroArts does, we try to build in a learning component for the sake of development.  Whether it’s developing new programming, or trying to figure out new problems, or working in different environments, we always try to build on our knowledge base and increase our experience.  Admittedly that kind of thinking can lead to it’s share of challenges, but we like to think that it makes us better artists and keeps us sharp. And really, how much fun would it be if there weren’t any challenges?


We’re learning a lot about acrylic and a related material you may already be familiar with, glue.  You would think that there isn’t much to know about acrylic, but you would be wrong.  There is a considerable knowledge base that one needs when working in this medium.  And don’t get us started on glue.  There should be a masterclass on that stuff…

Rik and Deane