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SubZeroArts is very pleased to announce that our latest installation Transmissions will be presented by New Adventures in Sound Art at NAISA North Gallery in South River. Transmissions is a multi-point sound art installation that uses a collection of touch-sensitive antennae to trigger abstract sounds and tones, creating a unique sound environment for audience participants to explore. We’re thrilled to be working with NAISA again, and we hope that you’ll come out and see Transmissions if you’re in the area!

NAISA North Gallery is located at 106 Ottawa Avenue, South River, Ontario, and Transmissions will be on display from February 4th to 26th on Saturdays and Sundays between 11am and 4pm. More information about NAISA can be found on their website.


Transmissions1 Our latest installation Transmissions has been on display in Montreal for over a week now and we’re really excited by the response that it’s been getting so far. In keeping with the theme of this year’s Art Souterrain event, we’ve been very pleased to see that Transmissions has opened up an interesting dialogue with viewers about the nature of art and whether or not it needs to be appealing. We very much appreciate hearing your thoughts on the matter and we encourage you to let us know what you think!

You can visit Transmissions at the Place de la Cité Internationale – OACI at 999 University in Montreal until March 20th. In addition to our piece, there are a number of other really engaging and interesting pieces on display as part of Art Souterrain and we hope that you’ll have the opportunity to explore them all.


Just wanted to remind you that our latest installation Transmissions will be making its debut Saturday February 27th as part of Art Souterrain in Montreal. You can find us at the Place de la Cité Internationale – OACI at 999 University.

We’re looking forward to sharing the space with a great collection of artists, and we hope that you’ll stop by to say hello!


SubZeroArts are very pleased to announce the debut of our latest sound-art experience “Transmissions”, appearing as part of Montreal’s Art Souterrain from February 27th to March 20th, 2016.

“Transmissions” is a new installation exploring the concept of Noise as Art. Using naturally occurring white noise, “Transmissions” establishes a new space for audience exploration created by naturally occurring white noise and sounds hidden deep within silence and lost radio signals. “Transmissions” exposes the audience to a more natural state of hearing through an aural environment defined by super-positioning white noise as received, processed, and broadcast by a collection of antennae-like metal spires located around the staging area. While these naturally occurring aural sources are normally filtered out of our conscious hearing, “Transmissions” discretely blends these sources to create a fluid soundscape defined by audio frequency radio waves that we would normally be unaware of, providing an opportunity to experience a more accurate representation of the natural sounds that surround us.

We’re both very excited about returning to Montreal, and we’ll be sharing more information with you over the next few days leading up to the event. In the meantime, be sure to like us on Facebook or add us on Twitter to keep up to date with all the details.

Rik and Deane

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