Yesterday we anounced that our installation “The Sound is Watching You” would be presented at the NAISA Space as part of their 2013 Art’s Birthday Celebrations.  We’re very excited about this opportunity and judging from the response we’ve received so far, it seems like a number of you are too!  We hope that we’ll see you all at the show when it opens later this week. In addition to making announcements, yesterday was also spent getting to know the space.  There’s a lot of stuff that has to be done before we open the doors, not the least of which is getting to know the space…

Each space has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, and getting to know the space beforehand is a crucial part of preparation.  You need to figure out if you’ve got enough cables, or if you need to get connectors.  You need to measure the distance between electrical outlets and make sure that you have working wifi.  Getting to know the space is when you find out if you need to borrow a ladder or if you’re going to be balancing on rickety tables.  Getting to know the space is really Really REALLY important.  So yesterday we got to know the NAISA Space where we’ll be presenting “The Sound is Watching You”.

And we think it’s a really great Space!

Among other things like measurements and checking wifi and testing connections and locating bathrooms, we spent a fair bit of time hanging cables.  Hanging cables isn’t a colloquialism or art-speak or anything, it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, it’s getting up on a ladder and roping cables through lighting grids and looping it around pipes and hiding it behind curtains and making sure that everything connects the way it’s supposed to. After getting to know the space, hanging cables is pretty much the second most important thing involved in the preparation of any installation.

We feel you should know that the third most important step to prepare an installation is to find the nearest coffee shop.  Really.  You need to know where to get coffee.  And sugary treats.  These things are crucial.

So yesterday we did all those things to prepare for our installation. And having done them, we’re pretty confident that we can bring it all together in time to open at the end of the week.  We know the space, we’ve hung the cable, and there’s a Starbucks around the corner within walking distance.  We are officially ready to present “The Sound is Watching You”, and we look forward to seeing you there!