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Working with new materials…

With every installation that SubZeroArts does, we try to build in a learning component for the sake of development.  Whether it’s developing new programming, or trying to figure out new problems, or working in different environments, we always try to build on our knowledge base and increase our experience.  Admittedly that kind of thinking can lead to it’s share of challenges, but we like to think that it makes us better artists and keeps us sharp. And really, how much fun would it be if there weren’t any challenges?


We’re learning a lot about acrylic and a related material you may already be familiar with, glue.  You would think that there isn’t much to know about acrylic, but you would be wrong.  There is a considerable knowledge base that one needs when working in this medium.  And don’t get us started on glue.  There should be a masterclass on that stuff…

Rik and Deane


Whenever we do a new installation we’re always very lucky to have an interested audience who want to help us out. We’ve always thought that it was a very pleasant side effect of making interactive art, and we’re really grateful that you’d like to participate in our work this way!

Pillars of Light

With that in mind, a few of you have asked how you can help out with Pillars of Light, so we’ve put together a few suggestions about how you can help us out;

1) Help us spread the word!  Give us a signal boost!  Like us on Facebook!  Retweet some of our tweets!  Help us spread the word about Pillars of Light!  Tell your friends about us, send them a link to our site, post a blog about us and let your readers know what we’re doing, hire a skywriting biplane to make a great big sign in the sky, make a post about SubZeroArts in your favorite community, or ask Lady Gaga to tweet about us!  By letting people know about us, you’re increasing our broadcast range and increasing the support for our project, and that’s pretty cool, right?

2) Make a donation to SubZeroArts!  Okay, it sounds mercenary, but the truth is that it costs a lot of money to do something like this.  And admittedly we could use some help to upgrade some of our gear and buy some more equipment and ultimately make Pillars of Light the best possible installation we can.  We’ve set up a donations page on our website, and every donation we get will go towards making Pillars of Light into the  most  awesome installation it can be!

3) Get us in touch with more people!  Okay, this is slightly different from spreading the word.  While we love Ottawa and all of our friends there, we aren’t as well connected as we are here in Toronto, so we’d really appreciate if you could tell your Ottawa friends about us.  Maybe you know somebody in Ottawa that can help us spread the word, or maybe you have a friend that writes for an Ottawa event blog that might be interested in what we’re doing.  Maybe your sister lives in Ottawa and she can invite her karate club to drop by and see what we’re doing, or maybe your cousin’s archery team would be interested in an outing to see Pillars of Light!  Get them in touch with us so we can keep them in the loop too!

So there you have it, three simple things that you can do!   If you’re looking to be part of Pillars of Light, these are the best ways we can think of that you can help us out.

So what do you think you can do to help?

Rik and Deane/SubZeroArts


We had an interesting conversation last night with an old friend who’s been to a few of our installations in the past. She said that she liked coming to our events because we make installations so she can make art, and she liked being an artist for the length of her visit to our spaces. And her comment really resonates with us.

Because that’s what we do.

In all of our work, we want you to be just as much a part of the creation of the art as we are. We want you to direct the flow of what you see, we want you to create your own soundtrack to match your mood, and we want you to have an artistic experience that’s just as unique as you are.

That’s the idea at the heart of SubZeroArts, and that’s what we’ve tried to do with all of our work over the last few years. It’s what we want to do with Pillars of Light and we hope that you’ll want to make art with us when we’re ready to share the experience with you on September 21st.

Rik and Deane

Be sure to RSVP for “Pillars of Light” on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

Pillars of Light

An awesome collection of artists!

iconpicWe’re very excited to see that the Nuit Blanche Ottawa Gatineau website has been updated with this year’s program of artists.

There’s an absolutely amazing wealth of talent participating in this event, and we’re very flattered to be part of such an awesome collection of artists!

Over the next few weeks we’ll let you know about some of our picks to see at this year’s event, so be sure to check back and see where we’re going to be (when we aren’t minding our own Pillars of Light that is…)

And if you have any picks to see this year be sure to let us know, we’re always interested to hear your suggestions!

Rik and Deane

Be sure to RSVP for “Pillars of Light” on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

Announcing Pillars of Light!

SubZeroArts presents Pillars of Light!SubZeroArts’ latest light/sound installation “Pillars of Light” makes its debut at Nuit Blanche Ottawa Gatineau on September 21st 2013!

SubZeroArts are very pleased to announce that our latest light/sound installation “Pillars of Light” will make its debut at Club SAW in Ottawa, Ontario on Saturday September 21st, 2013 as part of Nuit Blanche Ottawa Gatineau! Inspired by the beauty of outer space, “Pillars of Light” is a brand new participatory environment designed for NBOG where movement influences a series of illuminated columns within a three dimensional space, creating an active linkage between the audience and their environment through an evolving aural/optical spectacle that evokes nebulae, auroras and other interplanetary phenomena.

A recurring theme in our work has always been the stimulation of response in multiple modalities, and this year’s theme of SUPERNOVA really inspired us to move our work beyond the idea of a transient canvas into something more substantive, something with a greater physicality. With “Pillars of Light” we’ve designed a much more immersive space where audience members can experience a greater interaction between themselves and their environment as defined through generative light and sound. “Pillars of Light” is a logical extension and development of our past work, and we’re really looking forward to sharing it with all of our friends in Ottawa!

Keep checking back with us over the next few weeks to find out more about “Pillars of Light”, or better yet Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

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