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“So what can I do to help?”

We’ve been very pleased by all of your support for LIGHTSOUNDPLAY! over the last few weeks, and we’re very flattered to hear that you’re just as excited about it as we are!

Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012

Now amidst all your excitement and comments and general interestedness, we’re seeing a recurring question coming up, and though it’s taken a few different forms, it ultimately translates to “So what can I do to help?”

And in some ways, that’s the coolest thing about doing an installation like this! It’s so cool that you (yes YOU!) want to be a part of it and make it happen!  That kind of interactivity is at the heart of everything we do as SubZeroArts, and we’re thrilled to have inspired you to do something even before we’ve shown you anything!

So in response to all of you who have asked “So what can I do to help?”, here’s a few things you can do for us that we’d really appreciate…

1) Help us spread the word!  Give us a signal boost!  Like us on Facebook!  Retweet some of our tweets!  Help us spread the word about LIGHTSOUNDPLAY!  Tell your friends about us, send them a link to our site, post a blog about us and let your readers know what we’re doing, hire a skywriting biplane to make a great big sign in the sky, make a post about SubZeroArts in your favorite community, or use your connections with Lady Gaga to ask her to tweet about us!  By letting people know about us, you’re increasing our broadcast range and increasing the support for our project, and that’s pretty cool, right?

2) Make a donation to SubZeroArts!  Okay, it sounds mercenary, but the truth is that it costs a lot of money to do something like this.  And admittedly we could use some help to upgrade some of our gear and buy some more equipment and ultimately make LIGHTSOUNDPLAY! the best possible installation we can.  We’ve set up a donations page on our website, and every donation we get will go towards making LIGHTSOUNDPLAY! into the  most  awesome installation it can be!

3) Get us in touch with more people!  Okay, this is slightly different from spreading the word.  This is our first project outside of our home base in Toronto, and we aren’t as well linked as we could be.  Maybe you know somebody in Ottawa that can help us spread the word, or maybe you have a friend that writes for an Ottawa event blog that might be interested in what we’re doing.  Maybe your brother lives in Ottawa and he can invite his curling team to drop by and see what we’re doing, or maybe your cousin’s book club would be interested in an outing to see LIGHTSOUNDPLAY!  Get them in touch with us so we can keep them in the loop too!

So there you have it, three simple things that you can do to be part of LIGHTSOUNDPLAY!   If you’re looking to be part of it, these are three ways that you can help us out and of course we’d be really grateful for your efforts.

So what can you do to help?

Rik and Deane/SubZeroArts

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Little beginnings

Tiny swaths of fabric. It’s hard to believe that these will sprout like magic, but they will…

Rik and Deane/SubZeroArts

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One of the most exciting aspects of being part of a large artistic event is the opportunity to discover other artists that you may not have heard of otherwise.  We’re really looking forward to seeing some of the other work that’s going to be presented at Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012, and we’re very excited about making contact with other like-minded folks to talk to them about PVC tubing. But why wait until September 22nd to start looking around?  We thought we’d get the ball rolling by sharing some of the interesting things we’ve found browsing the NBO 2012 website, and let you know about what we’re interested to see…

Candy Chang - Before I Die...

Candy Chang is one of the other artists presenting her work at the SAW Gallery where our installation is being shown.  Her interactive piece Before I Die… encourages viewers to share their feelings with the world in a public setting.  We’ve always appreciated the idea of participatory art and the idea of blurring the lines between audience and involvement, and Candy’s work really captures that idea succinctly and effectively.  We’re quite looking forward to sharing a space with her!

Bright Smiles by Britta Evans Fenton and Darcy Whyte

We’re really looking forward to seeing Bright Smiles by Britta Evans Fenton and Darcy Whyte! As the audience walks into the space, their individual smiles will activate an array of glowing crystal on the ceiling, effectively proving “that a bright smile can light up a room“.  Presenting at M10 Artscourt (2 Daly Ave), Bright Smiles is a fascinating piece that we’re very excited to see.

Greta Grip Knitted QR Codes

We’re fascinated by the idea of Greta Grip’s hand knitted QR code display at Twiss & Weber (177 Armstrong Street).  The blend of technology and fibre art is most interesting and we can hardly wait to see it in progress!

We’ll let you know about some more of the installations and shows that will be part of NBO 2012 as we get closer to the actual night, but feel free to let us know about anything you come across that catches your eye, we’d love to hear about it!

Rik and Deane/SubZeroArts

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As stated in an earlier post, every idea begins with a doodle on a napkin. And after that, there are many, Many, MANY trips to the hardware store. Without spoiling the magic, we can assure you that the universe really is put together with duct tape, electric tape, glue guns, and PVC tubing…

Evidently there is more PVC tubing than we had imagined, and we are beginning to believe that a thorough understanding of PVC tubing will unlock a greater understanding of the mysteries of space, time, and beyond…

Twenty days from tonight, SubZeroArts presents LIGHTSOUNDPLAY!  at the SAW Gallery as part of Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012.  We hope you’ll be able to join us and we look forward to seeing you there!

Rik and Deane/SubZeroArts

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Three weeks and counting…

Three weeks from tonight SubZeroArts will debut their latest installation LIGHTSOUNDPLAY! as part of Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012! To say that we’re excited is quite an understatement, and we can hardly wait for you to see it!

In the meantime we have approximately 512,632 things to do to get it all ready for you, and the weeks to come promise to be a whirlwind of busy-ness and activity for us. Our heads are already filled to the brim with programming, logistics, workplans, and more details about PVC pipe and opaque fabric than we ever expected to know.

It’ll all come together on Saturday September 22nd at the Saw Gallery, and we hope you’ll be there to see it

Rik and Deane/SubZeroArts

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Work has begun on LIGHTSOUNDPLAY! for Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012 and things are falling into place quickly. It’s always exciting when you begin a new project to see it take form and shape, and we’re very pleased with the progress so far. We can’t wait for you to see it in September!

As a completely independent art-project, we hope that you’ll be able to help us by making a donation through our Donation Page. Every dollar goes directly towards materials and mounting the installation and all your donations make a huge difference! Thank you very much to those of you who have already made a donation to help us out with this project, we really appreciate your generosity!

For those of you in the Toronto area, our musical project Kalte will be performing as part of the Ambient Ping’s 13th Anniversary Celebration along with our good friends dreamSTATE and General Chaos Visuals on Tuesday August 14th at the Supermarket in Kensington Market. Stop by and hear some great music, and ask us about LIGHTSOUNDPLAY!… we’d be delighted to tell you all about it!

SubZeroArts is pleased to announce their latest work LIGHTSOUNDPLAY! will debut at the Saw Gallery in Ottawa, Ontario as part of the first-ever Nuit Blanche Ottawa event on Saturday, September 22nd 2012.

LIGHTSOUNDPLAY! is a new participatory multimedia installation from SubZeroArts that will transform the Saw Gallery space into a constantly evolving organic visual and auditory experience where audience motion will be translated into images and sounds for participants to explore and enjoy – a panoramic display created by you!

LIGHTSOUNDPLAY! builds on previous work by SubZeroArts and expands on the group’s ideal of using technology to create transformative immersive environments to be explored. Join SubZeroArts at the Saw Gallery on September 22nd, and experience LIGHTSOUNDPLAY! for yourself!

SubZeroArts is a group of visualists, sound artists, technologists, fabricators and software engineers working in contemporary art and science. Founded in 2009 by Deane Hughes and Rik Maclean, SubZeroArts has presented a range of immersive art installations in Toronto, and they are very pleased to be presenting their work in Ottawa for the first time. To find out more, please visit http://www.subzeroarts.com

Since its opening in 1973, the Saw Gallery in Ottawa has been presenting politically and socially engaging work by some of the world’s best-known artists and has become a prime destination for contemporary art in the Nation’s Capital. To find out more, please visit http://www.galeriesawgallery.com/

On Saturday, September 22, 2012, Ottawa will host its inaugural Nuit Blanche event, transforming the city into a pulsing centre of colour and creativity. Art and cultural venues throughout the city will remain open late into the night, inviting art lovers to experience a truly unique artistic experience. Visit http://www.nuitblancheottawa.ca/ to find out more.

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